Silver Eco-Friendly Sanitising Station

Intelligent, Hygienic Design

The Silver Eco-Friendly Sanitising Station is an efficient durable sanitiser station perfect for sites, warehousing, public buildings, schools and many other high traffic environments. Built with 4 heavy duty castor wheels for ease of movement and location of unit anywhere any when.

Our sanitising stations are designed to be used with our eco-friendly refillable alcohol hand rubs.



Technical Information


  • Zero plumbing
  • Zero electrics
  • Zero waste
  • Fully portable
  • 12,000 shots per canister
  • Anti-theft locking cabinet
  • Handsfree


Eco-Friendly Refillable Alcohol Hand Rubs

Fully compliant with EN1276, EN1650 and EN14476 our eco-friendly refillable alcohol hand rubs are designed and manufactured to bring fast and effective hand sanitisation that is completely safe for the skin. With each application, the super fine droplets effectively kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria which can often be linked to viruses and infections.

Designed for use in the ENVO sanitising stations, they produce zero waste and are an eco-friendly solution to traditional usage of alcohol gel bottles. Each refillable canister contains 12,000 shots, which is equivalent to 48 one litre plastic bottles. This makes our canisters a completely sustainable and socially responsible choice.

Ultimate Hand Sanitation for High Footfall Areas

ENVO Sanitising Stations Other Hand Sanitation Stations
12,000 applications per refill Average of 300-500 applications per refill
2p cost per application 4-10p cost per application
No mess or staining Gel discolours/stains over time
Instant setup – no fixing required Often requires fixing to the wall/plumbing/electrics
Zero maintenance Often requires battery replacement/ other maintenance
Recyclable, refillable container Non-recyclable disposable refills
Secure, locked container Vulnerable to sanitiser theft

Technical and Downloads

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