Invisidoor – Hinged System

This product has an aluminium interior frame, which allows for a frameless door to sit seamlessly into a wall, allowing for a clean, minimalist finish.

Benefits of Invisidoor – Hinged System:

  • Sturdy frame and profile providing strength and prevents plaster cracking
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable upper profile
  • Good adhesion to plasterwork due to its dovetail profile
  • No visible frame around the door
  • Can be fitted before or after plastering
  • Supplied with hinge caps to offer protection of the cut outs when plastering
  • Suitable for all standard and non-standard door openings, and standard rebated doors
  • Suitable for brickwork, metal stud and CLS frame walls
  • Standard product has primer coating, but RAL colours can be powder coated on request


Invisible hinges

This product is designed to be fit in conjunction with Argenta’s Invisible Neo Hinges. When selecting the accompanying hinges, you will need to consider the door weight and the finished colour you require when you place the order.

Finishing Matt chrome, Glossy chrome, Stainless steel look, Tar black, Black umber,
Bronze, Dark bronze, Classic bronze, Polished brass (CU), Copper
Door weight (2 pc) up to(i) 60 kg 80 kg 100 kg
Door weight (3 pc) up to(i) 80 kg 100 kg 150 kg
Technical characteristics
  • 3D adjustable (height, depth, and pressure)
  • No visible screws
  • Easy-Hook, installation and 3D adjustable by one person
  • Height adjustment without wedge
  • Pure and qualitative design

(i) Based on a reference door of 1000 x 2000 mm

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Technical Information



  • 2 mm between the door panel (left, right and top) and the frame
  • 4 mm between the door panel (at the bottom) and the floor


Wall Opening

  • Width = width door panel + minimum 70 mm (installation without dowels) /
    min. 74 mm (installation with dowels)
  • Height = height door panel + minimum 36 mm



  • Installation height: 1050 mm (measured from the floor)
  • Square hole for a spindle of 8 mm is standard (adapter for 7 mm on request)


Technical features:

argenta® invisidoor®
DL 40 mm DL 44/45 mm DL 50 mm
Max. Door width (single door) 1250 mm
Max. Door width (double door) 2500 mm
Max. Door height 4000 mm
Max. Door Thickness 38 – 40 mm 44/45 mm 50 mm
Min. wall thickness (for brickwork and walls with minimum wall thickness of) 70 mm 80 mm
Fire resistant version (according to EN 1634-1) EI130, EI230, EW30, E30


What is included in an argenta invisidoor DL?

DL 40 mm DL 44/45 mm DL 50 mm
Hinges Invisible neo S-5 (optional neo M-6) Invisible neo M-6
(optional neo L-7)
Integrated seal
absorbing door
closing impact
Standard: white
On demand: gray or black
Lock Standard:

  • Magnetic lock

On demand:

  • Magnetic cylinder lock
  • Magnetic bathroom- and toilet lock
  • Invisible No-Ha lock
  • Invisible No-Ha bathroom- and toilet lock
  • Magnotica, magnetic closing system (without lock)
  • KFV magnetic lock
  • KFV magnetic cylinder lock
  • KFV magnetic bathroom- and toilet lock
  • Multipoint lock type T1781 (only milling)
Finishing Standard equipped with a primer coating (powder coated in all RAL colours on request)

Type of Door

The Invisidoor products are compatible for single and double doors, including those which are floor-to-ceiling height.

When specifying, it’s important to note which doors you are using, as the frame parts will be made to measure for your specific doors. This is especially important for floor-to-ceiling height doors where there is no requirement for an upper horizontal profile. Door frames that are set above the floor level (for example riser doors) will require two horizontal profiles. Whatever your requirements, our expert team are on hand to assist you with your enquiry.